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Photon loves to travel, and I'm trying to get a photo of her and my Prius at as many National Wildlife Refuges as I can.
This is at our first campsite. We didn't set up the tent because it was rainy every day we stayed at this spot.
So rainy, in fact, that after I went to sleep on the 8th, the campground had to be evacuated because of a nearby tornado and the threat of flash floods--there had been 7 inches of rain in just 2 hours!
Photon and I were taken to the Environmental Education building at the Refuge. What a spectacular place!
Photon didn't find the mountain goat too intimidating.
But no way would she go near THIS side of the building!
These are the guys who woke me up and brought us here.
Next morning it was pretty wet, but no serious flooding in the campground.
Photon loves swimming, but I don't let her go in except where there is already a lot of disturbance so she won't scare any wildlife. Here she's at the boat launch at Quannah Parker Lake and Dam
Prairie Dog!
She can always find the coolest spot on a hot day.
Pup tent!
She didn't like being left behind, and the pack of deer in the campground suddenly seemed determined to chase her out or kick her, so I couldn't leave her alone in the tent.
The first night in the tent, she pulled one of my pillows over to her bed. She can hike all day, but likes to be comfy at night.
She's a fine little traveller
and excellent company!
She's pointing at some deer.
Amy, who administers the Doris Campground and lives at the entrance, babysat Photon one day while I was shadowing Joe Grzybowski. What a wonderful and generous-hearted woman!




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