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Basic information: The Baltimore Oriole is a beautiful tropical bird that breeds in much of eastern North America and winters in Central and northern South America.

Laura's Baltimore Oriole Photo Gallery


Baltimore Oriole building nest
Oriole Nest building--FAST connection (5.3 MB)
Oriole Nest building--Medium connection ( 3.2 MB)
Oriole nest building--Phone connection ( 333 KB)
Files are Windows Media files. Video taken through Zeiss 85mm Disascope with 30x eyepiece and Canon PowerShot SD500 camera.

Learn more about Baltimore Orioles:

How you can help Baltimore Orioles:

How you can see and attract Baltimore Orioles:

Orioles are usually best viewed using binoculars. In window feeders, you may prefer binocs with very close focusing.

Orioles prefer to nest near water. Although they were once a typical backyard bird, as their numbers fell the remaining birds selected the best habitat, and most backyards no longer have them except during spring migration. Elms seem to be their preferred nesting trees, but they do accept other tall shade trees. During migration, they seem to key in on the color orange. Providing oranges and grape jelly in orange bowls or the emptied half rinds of oranges often catches their eye as they pass overhead.


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