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Red-winged Blackbird

The Red-winged Blackbird may be the most abundant bird in North America. Scientists estimated the number of redwings wintering in the United States during 1974-75 as 190 million.

Laura's Red-winged Blackbird Gallery

To see a range map and learn a lot of basic natural history information about redwings, see

Viewing and photographing Red-winged Blackbirds

  • At feeders, redwings are easily seen and recognized with the naked eye. You get a better view with binoculars. In marshes, binoculars or a spotting scope are useful. Redwings can be tricky to photograph because their black eye is so close in shade to their feathers. Sometimes whistling will draw redwings closer to photograph with a regular camera. Often a powerful telephoto lens or digiscope makes photographing them easier, because they keep their distance from people.

How YOU can help Red-winged Blackbirds:






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