Some of Laura's bird pictures

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Laura's Mississippi Kite pictures

Mississippi Kites were everywhere in the Wichita Mountains. Notice below the Blue-gray Gnatcatcher attacking one--it actually appeared to hit it a couple of times. Most of these photos were taken right in the Doris Campground, including the ones with the feisty little gnatcatcher. May 8, Sony DSC-H5
Most any time I looked up in the sky I could see kites somewhere above. They're tricky to photograph with a point-and-shoot, but ever so graceful and beautiful. I also watched a pair copulating in the Doris Campground, right by my campsite! May 8, Sony DSC-H5
This Mississippi Kite in the campground was being divebombed by a plucky little Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, which actually appeared to score a direct hit on the kite's head at least twice. I took these photos in the Doris Campground on May 8 with my Sony DSC-H5. Again, action shots like these are virtually always better with an SLR.
Mississippi Kite in the campground. I wish my camera let in a bit more light so you could see how gorgeous they are! May 9, Sony DSC-H5
This was one of the more cooperative kites I saw all week, but it was backlit.
Last morning in the Wichitas, May 15, 2007




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