Some of Laura's bird pictures

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Laura's Eastern Screech-Owl pictures

You can tell I don't live within the normal range of Eastern Screech Owls--I don't have a single photo of a wild one!

Education bird from Marge Gibson's REGI. Photo taken March 5, 2006, with Sony DSC-H1.
Archimedes, photo taken at home 2004, Sony DSC-F717
Northwoods Wildlife Center, 2003, Sony DSC-F717
First he pounces on the already-dead mouse, and picks it up. You can see part of his leather "bracelet" that holds his jessees in place, too.
Then he flies to his feeding perch.
Sometimes he swallows the mouse whole. This time, bracing the lower mouse by his feet, he pulled off the front half of the mouse and swallowed it.
He's in the process of swallowing the lower half of the mouse
Spaghetti, anyone?




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