Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

Bird Recordings

In June, 2001 I took the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds Field Recording Course. I'm still honing my skills, and I have an enormous backlog of sounds to edit, but here are a few sounds I've recorded. Click on the photo to hear the bird.

Bearded Bellbird photo by Russ Erickson
This Bearded Bellbird in Trinidad was Number 1000 on my lifelist, on October 27, 2001, just in time to get me over the threshold before I turned 50! If you listen carefully, you may hear a Ferruginous Pygmy Owl tooting in the background.
White-bearded Manakin photo by Russ Erickson
This White-bearded Manakin was also photographed and recorded in Trinidad, very close to where the bellbird was. The snapping sound is made with his wings.














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