For the Birds!
If you want to hear For the Birds on your public radio station, tell them about it! There is no charge for non-profit radio stations to broadcast it. I do ask that stations contribute a portion of any underwriting that they get, to help defray my costs since I do this without pay, but even sharing underwriting is not required. The only requirement is that stations let me know if they are running it. I'd also appreciate learning how listeners like it. Stations can preview For the Birds at Current Programs. For more information, e-mail Laura Erickson.

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Historical Note:

For the Birds first aired on KUMD on May 12, 1986. The first program to include Jim Baker from Baker's Blue Jay Barn (our fictitious underwriter) was broadcast on April 1, 1987. KAXE, WOJB, and WXPR were the first other stations to begin carrying it--they picked it up in 1987.

When Laura Erickson brought the first three scripts to KUMD, Stephanie Hemphill engineered them, and taught Laura how to do it herself. Within a couple of months, Laura Erickson was doing all her own editing. Programs are now written, engineered, and produced by Laura Erickson in her home. She refers to the closet where she records her programs onto minidisc as the Creative Birding Studios.

For the Birds features bird recordings generously provided by

Nature Sound Studio
I can't say enough good things about the quality of recordings from these two sources. If "Lang Elliott" or "Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology" are on a nature CD, it's going to be a good one!
John Keenan: Voice of Jim Baker


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