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Laura's Peregrine Falcon nest pictures 2005


Maggie (P-78) on July 3, 2005

2006 Peregrine Gallery

Peregrine Banding!

In 2005, a pair of Peregrine Falcons nested in a box on the old Hotel Duluth (a.k.a. Greysolon Plaza). They were banded in June by Robert Anderson. There were four nestlings--three females and one male. They each bear a purplish pink band on the right leg and a green band on the left.

The nest box was put up by the Raptor Resource Project in 1992, but it stood empty until 2003. That year three babies were banded (Miriam, Jody, and Carla). In 2004, four babies were fledged. This year it was four again.

Baby Peregrine makes the cover of the Duluth Reader Weekly! More photos of this bird at the link.

Robert Anderson banded this year's babies on June 8, and put his report on his 2005 Raptor Resource Project Banding Report. He named the four babies: P-76 is Nora, P-77 is Diane, and P-78 is Maggie. The male, C-73,is Davey.

I took photos on and off of them between June 3 and July 12, 2005. This page has the highlights. Click on any linked date to see that day's whole gallery of photos and notes from that day. Some of the days have a lot of photos, others no more than what are shown here.

If anyone ever sees one of these birds or finds out any more about them, I would really appreciate hearing from you. Please email me.








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